Don't want to be stuck in a large tour group?

Choose us and see the things YOU want to see, 

do the things YOU want to do, when YOU want to!

Dunedin tours - tour Dunedin YOUR way!

Visiting Dunedin on a Cruise Ship? 


Don't want to be stuck in a large tour group? We give you the opportunity to tour Dunedin and see the things YOU want to see, do the things YOU want to do, when YOU want to!



We provide you with a rental vehicle and a cruise ship tour itinerary to suit you and your family and friends.

For freedom of choice and excellent service - look no further than us.

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Visitin​g Dunedin by Bus or already in town?

Want the freedom to go where you want when you want?  Then hire a car from our Dunedin City branch to get you going places.  We are conveniently located only 5 minutes from the Octagon which is the heart of the city.  We offer free transfers from your accommodation or bus station.  We have a huge fleet of cars so we can guarantee to find the right one to suit your needs.

51 King Edward St, Kensington, Dunedin

Visiting Dunedin by Aeroplane?

If you're flying into Dunedin Airport and need a vehicle, then look no further...we can have a car ready and waiting for when you arrive.  All paperwork is done online prior to you getting on the plane, so when you land, you are literally straight on the road enjoying what our beautiful city has to offer.

No shuttle transfers required to an offsite depot, your car will be parked a 30 second walk from the Terminal Building.

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