Coastal Otago is scenic and picturesque, with beautiful beaches, and historic landmarks.

Attractions are free unless otherwise stated. Bookings may be required, and indicated where applicable.

Shag Point

55 minute drive from Port Chalmers.

Shag point has a rich history, diverse marine life and interesting flora.


You can see penguins from the viewing platform overlooking the beach, or see New Zealand fur seals from the cliff-top viewing areas, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to see whale or dolphin activity offshore.

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Moeraki Boulders

1 hour drive from Port Chalmers.

The Moeraki boulders are a group of very large stones on Koekohe beach near Moeraki.


These spherical shaped boulders are concretions that have been exposed through shoreline erosion from cliffs that back the beach, originally formed in the sea floor around 60 million years ago.


The boulders range in size from those just larger than a football, to those up to 3 metres in diameter.

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Totara Estate

1 hour & 20 minute drive from Port Chalmers.

Totara Estate is an historic farm, significant as the birthplace of New Zealand's frozen meat industry.

Establised during the 1950's, Totara Estate was known for it's sheep, cattle and grain. 


Here you can explore the history of the estate, and learn how it shaped the frozen meat industry in New Zealand.


Admission Fees apply;

$10 per adult, $5 per child or $40 for a family.

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1 hour & 30 minute drive from Port Chalmers.

Oamaru is a gorgeous harbour town, 120 kilometres north of Dunedin. With some of the best 19th century architecture in New Zealand and stunning natural beauty, Oamaru is a must see.


Many public buildings are built of local limestone, known as 'Oamaru Stone', as it is quarried near Weston, on the outskirts of Oamaru. The southern part of the main business district ranks as one of the country's most impressive streetscapes, due to the many prominent buildings constructed from Oamaru stone. The southern part and another part of the town close to the harbour have been preserved as the Oamaru Victorian Precinct.


As well as Oamaru's Victorian heritage, it also boasts a beautiful public garden, featuring many plant species, a large childrens' playground, and a small aviary.

Oamaru is also home to two penguin colonies - a colony of Little Blue Penguins lives on the harbour, and sometimes under buildings close to the beach, including the towns music club, The Penguin Club.  

A colony of Yellow-Eyed Penguins live just south of the town.


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Oamaru - Victorian Precinct

Thames Street, Oamaru

Journey back in time when you visit Oamaru's historic Victorian Precinct, where the town began. There are over 40 shops and businesses in this unique precinct, including second hand books, authentic period jewellery, clothing, traditional crafts and art galleries.


Located south Thames Street and the bottom of Itchen, Tees, Tyne, Harbour and Wansbeck Streets showing prime examples of local limestone buildings that were built in Victorian style.

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The Gardens have been named a garden of regional significance. These beautiful gardens were established in 1876 and cover 13 hectares, showcasing magnificent trees, shrubberies, and flower beds and also unique features such as the display house, Mirror Lake, Chinese Gardens, Craig Fountain and the famous Wonderland Statue.

The Gardens also have a popular children’s playground, several picnicking areas and a bird aviary.

Oamaru - Public Garden

Chelmer Street, Oamaru.

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