Terms and Conditions

All vehicles are covered by insurance for no extra charge. The excess on insurance claims on all vehicles, for drivers 25 years and over, is $2000.00+gst. The excess for drivers under the age of 25 is $3000.00+gst.  You can choose to reduce the excess down to $500.00+gst for an extra $45.00.

Drivers under the age of 25 cannot take this reduction.

Glass damage and tyre damage is not covered by insurance. You can choose to waive your liability for damage to the windscreen only, for an extra $15.00 for cars and $27.00 for people movers.


Only drivers who have signed the hire form and have their licence details noted on the form are permitted to drive the vehicle. Should someone who is not noted on the hire form drive the vehicle and damage it, they would NOT be covered by our insurance and would be liable for all damage/loss caused.

It is the drivers responsibility to change a flat tyre, and repair any puncture to the tyre, at the hirers expense.

Our vehicles are covered by New Zealand Automobile Association, and are available to assist with a mechanical issue if need be. Please note that any call out for a fault deemed as "driver error" will be charged a call out fee. Driver error includes flat batteries, locking keys inside vehicle etc.


A valid credit card is required as security in the event of damage or loss. The credit card number must be provided at the time of booking, and presented at the time of hire. Debit cards are accepted, and we reserve the right to place a hold of $2000+gst (for drivers 25 years of age and over) or $3000+gst (for drivers under 25 years of age) on the card, which will be released when the vehicle is returned, provided there has been no damage caused to the vehicle or GPS Navigation System.

All terms and conditions of vehicle usage will be explained in full and provided in writing to the client.